Make Credit Work For You And Not Against You

Credit Affects:

                Obtaining A Mortgage

                Student Loan

                Automobile Loan

                Credit Card



                Renting Property


Credit Report:

                Provides information from your credit file that is maintained by consumer reporting companies (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion)

                Report contains: Personal Information such as current and previous addresses, birth dates, current and previous employers; Credit History includes dates accounts were opened, credit limit , payment history, account status; Credit Report Inquiries; Public Records includes liens, bankruptcies

Credit Score:

Impacted Positively By:

                On Time Payments

                Length of Credit History

                High Percentage of Available Credit

                Variety of Credit - Automobile, Home, Credit Card

Impacted Negatively By:

                Late or Missing Payments

                Too Many Credit Inquiries

                Low Percentage of Available Credit

                Liens, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sale

Credit Disputes:

                Equifax Information Services LLC

                P O Box 740256

                Atlanta, GA 30374

                (866) 349-5191




                P O Box 9554

                Allen, TX 75013




                TransUnion Consumer Solutions

                P.O. Box 2000

                Chester, PA 19022-2000

                (800) 916-8800